Interchange + pricing

Cost plus pricing is when the merchant pays 100% of the charges. This is historically the most common type of payment processing and is often called traditional processing.


This revolutionary compliant surcharging program enables businesses to add a credit card processing fee to the final price customers pay for an item reducing the merchant process fees by as much as 70%. This is how you keep more of your own money.

Cash discounting

Our premier cash discounting program enables a business to offset 100% of its processing costs and offer a discount to any customer paying with a cash or check. This is the fastest way to impact your bottom line.

Regardless of what works best for your business, Swipe OK can handle it and can do so with the best rates in Oklahoma. We pride ourselves on transparent and simple to understand pricing that is the lowest around. We are able to do this because we are a direct processor and cut out the middle man, keeping your hard earned money in your pocket, not in the pockets of the big banks. Call, email or text today to speak with us how we can be your local solution in Oklahoma and save money.